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MU Girls' goal is to provide educational materials, along with fun activity books, pencil sets, stickers, clothing, and other educational materials. We will be providing these donations through the generosity of the public and the Muslim community. With your support and donations, MU Girls LLC will be able to create and develop new materials and products for Muslim schools, orphanages, and children's homeless shelters around the world. Our goal is to spread happiness through education and creativity.


Creator and developer of MU Girls© felt that there was a need for young Muslim girls to have a modest and Islamic role model in today's society. Inspired by her daughter, in April of 2001, she developed the idea for MU Girls©.


At the heart of young Muslim girls, today is the desire to be different, independent, and seen as a trendsetter among one's peers. The aim of MU Girls LLC© is to give young Muslim girls the encouragement to be themselves while still representing their religious beliefs. MU Girls LLC © shows that even while covered, you can have fun and be different. This is what makes Muslim girls around the world, beautiful and unique.


Since its’ launch 18 years ago, MU Girls© has received positive reviews. MU Girls is not just a brand put on products, it represents the hopes, dreams, and values of millions of young Muslim girls living in the modern world. The uniqueness of MU Girls© combines religious aspects with the goals of many girls living in western countries.


We hope you enjoy MU Girls and continue to comment and share with family and friends.




Our mission is to promote good strong values and morals to young impressionable minds through characters they can

relate with and are themselves good role models for these young individuals.


We develop education materials along with school supplies and Islamic toys targeted at Muslim girls between the ages of five and up. 


The company plans to strengthen its partnership with retailers by developing brand awareness. MU Girls intends to market its line as an alternative to existing toys and products, and differentiate itself by marketing strategies, exclusiveness, and high brand awareness.


The key message associated with the MU Girls line is to educate young Muslim girls on how to become a proper Muslimah in society today. The company's promotional plan is diverse and includes a range of marketing communications.


In the future, the company hopes to develop a full series of accessories. These accessories will include dolls, apparel, stationery sets such as pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, along with different types of educative toys. These educative toys will be, software programs to teach Arabic, along with the fundamentals of Islamic education. Eventually expanding into developing cartoon animation series.

MU Girls is currently looking for financial partnerships/investors to take MU Girls© worldwide. Please contact us at mugirlsco@gmail.com.



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