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Islamabad, Pakistan
Coloring book distribution started on December 23, 2022

February - March Campaign

  • Goal to donate 100 coloring books sets

  • Monthly Goal - $410

MU Girls launched the Buy One, Give One campaign to bring joy and a smile to Islamabad's street children. Our goal is to raise awareness about their plight and tragic situation. The primary goal for the future is to construct an orphanage and provide FREE schooling, shelter, and meals to street children not only in Islamabad but around the world.

The distribution of coloring books is only the beginning of something bigger. Any cash donations would be greatly appreciated to help pay for those working in Islamabad to make this happen. So far, we have given over 130 books to wonderful children who are extremely grateful and excited to learn.


Cost Breakdown $410.00 (USA)

  • Book Printing 100 books = $75.00

  • Color Pencils 100 sets = $35.00

  • Social Activist Salary = $200

  • Vehicle Rental & Fuel = $100



Photo taken of child sleeping on side walk, he was tired from selling balloons (Nov. 2022).


Buy 1 Give 1 to Street Children

The target group for this campaign is the millions of children living on the streets around the world. Our mission is to spread happiness and inspiration through the simple act of coloring and other forms of artistic self-expression to children all over the world. Allowing them to simply go back to their childhood selves. Every child should have the chance to smile, feel safe, loved, and protected. Let's make them happy by giving them the ability to be creative.

What is Buy 1 Give 1?

BOGO MU Girls Coloring Books

One coloring book will be given to a homeless child for every MU Girls/ MU Bros. coloring book purchased on Amazon or in stores. Buying a coloring book for your child, friend or relative is a simple way to spread joy and help those less fortunate. We hope you can help us continue to bring a smile their faces and continue to support our cause.

2 Ways to Donate

Purchase books on

Donate on


Why Is Coloring/Creativity Important?

Creativity Matters!

​According to the amygdala controls the stress response, and reducing activity in the amygdala can reduce negative emotions and feelings of stress and depression. Coloring can be calming and relaxing for children when they need an outlet for negative and confusing emotions.

Other Benefits of Coloring:

  • Encourages the Practice of Concentration

  • Coloring Calms the Amygdala

  • Stimulates Creativity

  • Encourages Self-Expression

  • Improves Fine Motor Coordination

  • Builds Confidence and Self-compassion

  • Helps Develop Focus

Give the Gift of 
Joy & Creativity


Personal Experience

Islamabad - Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan is where we'll be starting the first stage of this campaign. During my last trip there in 2021, I got to sit down and color with a group of young boys who were all very excited to show off their coloring skills. All of the boys, ages 7 to 13, wanted to color, spend time, and be creative. If you can afford to donate or buy coloring books, you can help us put a smile on the faces of these kids.

Street Children of Pakistan Organization:

In a developing nation like Pakistan, with no social security system in place, children and young people end up on the street due to dire poverty and fragmented families. According to Government estimates, there are more than 1.5 Million children, both boys and girls, living on the streets of Pakistan. In large cities, where crimes are rampant and rule of law is far from being reinforced, the number of children working on the street is far higher than the official estimates.

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